Virtual Tours

Connect with prospective residents and their families, wherever they are, with real-time virtual tours.

Engage families anywhere with real-time virtual tours

When prospective residents and their families are interested in your community, but are unable to make an in-person tour, meet these people where they are at with real-time virtual tours. This is not a pre-recorded video, or zooming through pictures, but a highly relevant, engaging solution to give a personalized tour of your community and win-over potential residents and their loved ones.

Simple Scheduling to increase your tour and mov-in rate

Allow families to schedule a tour through an app, then have staff guide them through the facility using their mobile device. Families can ask real-time questions, request to visit specific areas and give feedback while your staff walks them through the building. Videos can be saved to allow families to revisit their virtual tour at any time. Increase your conversions by utilizing post-tour reminders to re-engage leads.