How to Market to Generation X: The Forgotten Generation

In a time when many Generation Xers (Americans born between 1965-1981) are becoming the family caregiver to their baby boomer or silent generation parent, the senior care industry is still finding it difficult to market to them. This generation is considered the “forgotten” one because most were heavily impacted by family instability in childhood and economic turmoil as they entered the workforce. These factors have resulted in a deep skepticism among many Gen Xers, making them very difficult to connect with.

However, it’s now critical to be able to reach/impact Generation X because they are a big part of their parent’s buying process — according to, 54% of family caregivers are between the ages of 50-70. That number will only increase over the next couple of years as well.


Importance of Generation X

When marketing to Generation X, it’s important to remember that not only are they helping their parents make a transition to senior living, they might be looking for their future-selves as well. While Generation X isn’t as large as the baby boomers or Millennial groups, they do have more wealth at their disposal and they want to retire at a younger age. They are also very brand-loyal, so creating a good experience for their loved ones is key.

Before any of that happens though, you need to get your community’s information in front of the decision-maker.


Where to Reach Gen Xers

This generation grew up before the Internet, then learned to adapt to digital technology as adults. Their age leaves them with one foot in the past and one in the future —  making them very different than millennials and baby boomers. While Gen Xers do rely heavily on the internet, traditional media is also very important to them and they are considered a very brand-loyal. Reviews left on Google or on Social Media has a large impact on how they make decisions.

Because Generation Xers rely heavily on online resources and traditional media to help make informed decisions, they’ve come to expect a high number of positive reviews on easy-access sites like Google and Facebook. While some senior care communities invest in gated websites that force users to create an account before viewing reviews, others are going directly to where the decision making is occurring and investing in their local listings and Search Engine Optimization. The latter seems to be the best approach to reaching Gen Xers as they place a lot of value on these review sites.


Creating a Plan

Although Generation X is technologically savvy, they have more traditional values than millennials, who are likely to ignore email marketing and online reviews in favor of social media influencers and integrated campaigns. Reaching Generation X is all about using user reviews and strong search engine placement to give your community a chance to stand out so you can capture the lead.

If you haven’t already, you need to start including more digital outreach and Search Engine Optimization into your community’s marketing plan. Digital outreach can be as simple as cleaning up your listings and providing people with an opportunity to review your community. Improving your SEO means adjusting your website to a changing marketplace so you can attract the right type of leads and be on top of the search results page.


If your community is struggling to connect with Generation Xers, find out how Goldn’s innovative Reputation Management platform and SEO program can help. Call (888) 482-6691 or email [email protected] to speak with a member of our team.