CALA and Goldn have partnered to bring you

A New Move-In Marketing Program

Digital marketing has become your number one resource for new resident leads.

The challenge: referral companies have a monopoly on your communities’ Google search terms and reviews. Consumers searching the Internet are funneled through these third-party lead companies. The result: you lose calls from potential new residents.

Our new CALA program is proven to help communities:

  • Get their leads first, cutting out the middleman
  • Dominate both the local and brand searches for keywords
  • Generate new positive reviews for your facilities in Google, Facebook and other sites
  • Create meaningful educational pieces for your Website to convert more leads to tours
  • Achieve targeted page one AdWords and Facebook ads for your local area
  • Track leads against spend for a true ROI with a comprehensive dashboard and reporting.

The CALA new move-in program is a proven win-win for you and the consumer. We reduce the intervention of a third party, while making the decision process for the family and new resident a more educational, positive experience.

Ask us about our $1,500 pilot program.