Content Ideas for your Senior Site

Content Ideas for Your Senior Site When it comes to having a well-optimized website, there is really only one thing to remember: content is king. Your website should have dynamic content that is geared towards those who are searching for a specific product or service that you offer. But adding content to your website is … Read more

Which is Better for your Community: Organic SEO or PPC

Which is Better for Your Community: Organic SEO or PPC? Allocating your digital marketing budget can be difficult if you’re not sure which approach to take. Should your community focus on cultivating organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or just buy your way to the top with a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign? The decision between SEO and … Read more

A Complete Guide to Google My Business

A Complete Guide to Google My Business Have you searched for your community lately on Google? If so, what did you see? If you don’t see a detailed listing that instantly gives the user your contact information, a link to your website and customer reviews, you could be missing out on a valuable lead-source. Every … Read more

The Power of Reviews: 4 Ways They Impact Your Community

The Power of Reviews: 4 Ways They Impact Your Community Your online reputation has a lasting impact on people who are searching for your community or the services that you offer. Research shows that 90% of people check out a business online before becoming a customer. It’s clear that customers are evolving, they want to … Read more

How to Respond to Negative or Fake Online Reviews

How to Respond to Negative or Fake Online Reviews Many communities work hard to build their reputation through honesty, and they are thrilled when they receive positive reviews for their services and facilities. However, some are unpleasantly surprised by negative reviews, and they don’t quite know how to respond in such situations. Many negative reviews … Read more

The Basics of a Lead Generating Website

The Basics of a Lead Generating Website There are certain components that your website should have in order to keep users attention and turn them into leads. It all starts with creating a solid user experience that not only highlights your community in the best light possible but is also user-friendly and easy to navigate. … Read more

Expanding Your Concept of Content

Expanding Your Concept of Content When someone searches for your community or for the services you provide, what do they see when they get to your website? Most communities will have some general information about their facility and resident experience, and that’s usually it. While this information can be helpful to potential residents or their … Read more

2020 Trends for the Senior Housing Industry

The senior housing space experienced a very interesting year in 2019. On one hand, occupancy fell to an eight-year low and labor expenses are surging. On the other, construction costs are dropping and there is much promise that lies ahead with the baby-boomer generation getting closer to retirement age every day. Heading into 2020, here … Read more

How to Market to Generation X: The Forgotten Generation

In a time when many Generation Xers (Americans born between 1965-1981) are becoming the family caregiver to their baby boomer or silent generation parent, the senior care industry is still finding it difficult to market to them. This generation is considered the “forgotten” one because most were heavily impacted by family instability in childhood and … Read more